Currently Listening: Podcast Edition Winter 2018


In the past year or so I’ve really gotten into listening to podcasts. I find them super easy to listen to whilst walking or just generally doing housework. As each episode is usually around the hour mark they are super easy to pick up and down.

My Dad Wrote A Porno by Jamie Morton, Alice Levine and James Cooper

Portrait photo featuring Jamie Morton, Alice Levine and james Cooper the podcasters from my dad wrote a porno
Jamie Morton Alice Levine James cooper My dad wrote a porno

When I first heard of this podcast I was sat there thinking, is this really about a Dad that has written a porno?! It is!

Jamie Mortons Dad, known by the pen name Rocky Flintstone, wrote a series of erotic novels about the very (un)sexy Belinda Blumenthal. The trio read a chapter of each book for each episode and to say it is comedy gold would be the biggest understatement. Obviously this is a very NSFW podcast, it has graphic sex scenes and strong language (basically, all the good stuff) but it will have you laughing the whole time. I saw the live show of this podcast earlier this year and a recording of that show is due to be released on HBO very soon. I can’t wait to relive the absurdity all over again. Season 4 of this podcast has just finished and is as bizarre as ever, highly recommended!

The Teacher’s Pet by Hedley Thomas via The Australian

The Teacher’s Pet is a true crime podcast set in Australia based on the disappearance and probable murder of Lyn Dawson. She was a mother of two young girls, wife to a football star and loved by all. One day she seems to disappear off the face of the earth, her husband believing that she has left to join a cult but her friends and family suspect foul play.

I began listening to this podcast after it was recommended in a true crime group I’m a part of, they said it was one of the best ones they had listened to so of course I had to give it a go. This investigation will pull at your heart strings, make you furious with the police and make you question every piece of evidence. Each episode introduces new witness testimony and you get to hear from many of the key characters as the series goes on.

The series is currently on hiatus as the investigation is starting up again thanks to public outcry. As a listener you can only hope for justice. There are always new stories coming up with this case so make sure to follow to keep up to date!

Dear Joan and Jericha by Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine

This is one of the oddest yet funniest podcasts I have ever listened to. Joan and Jericha are two fictional agony aunts who give possibly the worlds worst advice. Set up like a real radio agony aunt show the two characters read out listeners problems and set to solve them in their own unique way. Whilst there aren’t many episodes to this yet the eight that have been released are well worth a listen if you love satirical and insult comedy.

First Draft by Sarah Enni

This is a specific podcast for lovers of Young Adult fiction and their authors. Each episode features a prominent YA author, Enni has them talk through every step of their life and writing process. As a ‘wannabe’ writer myself I find this podcast fascinating, hearing how different my favourite authors are in their writing style never fails to inspire me.

If you have a fave podcast that you don’t see here please comment down below and I will check them out! If you’ve listened to any of these let me know too!

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