Of Women: In The 21st Century by Shami Chakrabarti

Of Women is Chakrabarti’s fact full book all about the injustices that women face from fetus to death. This book mainly focuses on the facts and figures surrounding certain pressure points facing women in societies around the world today. From the preference of the sex of a baby to female genital mutilation it covers many hard hitting subjects.

Whilst most non-fiction books about feminism cover similar subjects with slight variations there is one significant difference Of Women has against its genre friends.

Of Women is the most fact filled book of feminism I have come across in all my reading of feminist non-fiction. The facts and figures are, at most times, extremely effective in getting their point across. At many points in the book you stop and listen just to absorb the staggering numbers. The down point to this is that it can often feel impersonal, like a leaflet given to you with the brutal facts but none of the story that comes with a human interaction.

This is a fantastic read for someone wanting to start with their journey in feminism who perhaps wants some facts and figures to back up their feelings of injustice. As someone who regularly keeps up to date with the feminist talk points I knew well of many of the subjects talked about but I definitely learned a few things in my reading. So if you don’t mind a book with a bit of in your face facts and reminders of just how cruel the world can be to girls I would recommend this book highly.

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