Is this series the new 50 Shades of Grey?!

50 shades of grey, released in 2011, was the dawn of a new era of popular erotica. It has inspired hundreds of authors and novels in the years following its success. I have tried to read them though they often left me uninspired, disappointed by the lack of plot and character depth. After a recommendation from a friend I decided to pick up Another Life by D Gourlay.

The story follows Rachel, a woman at breaking point thanks to years of abuse from her controlling husband. Through the cutest of meet cutes she finds herself bumping into the very dashing Tad, millionaire businessman and straight up hottie.

This is where the story differs greatly from its predecessors, Rachels story follows her gaining the strength to leave her abuser instead of marrying them. Gourlay writes the story of domestic violence in a brutal yet truthful way, whilst the story may be extreme you can see the hints of real life in her husbands behaviour.

giphy (1)

The supporting cast of characters is another shining gem in this book. Rachels parents are ever present, a rarity it seems in many books and they bring the often needed light hearted comedy to an otherwise dark book. The same can be said for Rachels best friend and her daughter.

It should be noted of course that this is self published work and with that you can expect to find some very minor spelling and grammar errors. I found this didn’t distract me from the story very much and is absolutely forgivable.


Now, I can hear the people wanting to know the dirty deets and I can tell you that this book will not disappoint. The sex scenes feel natural in the way they start, nothing is a bigger turn off for me than characters going from chatting about dinner to a full on sex sesh in a heartbeat. Gourlay understands that women need to be worked up and that sexual gratification isn’t instant, a startlingly rare quality in erotica.

The second book in the series Our Life has just been released which is even more action packed, sexy and heartbreaking as the first. You can buy both books on Amazon and are free to read using Kindle Unlimited.

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