Moranifesto by Caitlin Moran


Published: March 2016 by Ebury Press

Edition: Hardback

Pages: 448

Genre: Non-Fiction, Essays, Feminism

Moranifesto is a collection of articles by The Times writer and all time cool person Caitlin Moran. She explores everything from cystitis to immigration and everything that falls between.

Although I had been aware of Morans presence on the feminist icon circuit for a while I had never gotten around to picking up one of her books until now. By a chance visit to the library with my son I saw they had just unpacked her new book Moranifesto and there is of course no time like the present! As I picked up this book I realised I knew very little about Moran and even less about how similar i’d learn us to be.

First of all it is so refreshing to read a book about someone who was also home schooled. I was taken out of mainstream education aged 10 and I’ve maybe come across a handful of people with a similar childhood to mine. On a similar note I grew up in the working class, claiming benefits when I was a teenager and tax credits to this day. These are things you rarely read about, they seem to be hushed under some massive middle class rug, never to be seen by the masses. But not in Moranifesto, it’s spoken about openly and honestly.

Another factor that bonded Moran and I is the fact we are both mothers. There is some instant nod of acknowledgement that happens when a parent reads about another parent.

But enough about my soul mate relationship with Moran and back to what we are all here for, my actual opinion on the book.

I love reading collections of essays/articles. They are nice choppy little chunks of opinions and stories, enough to make you think but not too much that it overloads your brain. Moran manages to nail the candidness that I loved about Lena Dunham without making you cringe too much which I have to admit I did with Dunham.

There is a particular article that really called to me talking about the backlash at ‘white feminists’ and the lack of intersecionality in some peoples feminist works. Whilst I would love a world that every work of feminist art includes every type of woman sometimes it isn’t true to life or possible. Moran perfectly worded what I had been trying to say for years, that every act of feminism is a move in the right direction even if it is seen as trivial (the No More Page 3 campaign is deemed that far too often) or a massive political step forward like the FGM legal war.

In all Moranifesto felt like a great introduction to Moran and her works. Of course if you have read all the articles as they come out (you efficient thing you) you may not get much out of this book except the fantastic intros to each article. If you haven’t read them I guarantee you a fabulous read that will have you crying one minute and laughing until you wee the next.
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