Beautiful Bastard #1 by Christina Lauren


Published: February 2013 by Gallery Books

Edition: e-book

Pages: 320

Genre: Adult, Erotica, Romance

Chloe Mills is a headstrong, intelligent and determined to succeed in the business world. She is a model employee and is thriving in her job in every way except in her relationship with her boss Bennett. Bennett is arrogant, big headed and unavoidably sexy. Will they be able to keep themselves professional with the sexual tension turned up to 11?

Reading the synopsis of this book I was so hopeful it would be the true feminist erotica that Fifty Shades failed to be for me. A highly intelligent business woman embracing her sexual awakening with a man who is highly unsuitable (but secretly super sensitive of course)? Sign me up! Did I get that with Beautiful Bastard? Unfortunately not.

The main character Chloe is nothing like I hoped she would be. She is described as a smart and hardworking woman but that seems to be as far as her personality goes. I’m aware that many erotica writers leave the female main characters mainly blank so the reader can place themselves in the part, an empty shell they can step into to live the fantasy. Chloe had nothing beyond the surface, a vague history and a passing mention of her family but nothing else. Most of the time I felt like I could have been reading about anyone, it was very difficult to care about a story when you don’t know the players in the game.

This book at its core is erotica with a side story, porn with a few feelings. The idea of forbidden love in the workplace isn’t particularly bad except the pace at which it happens in this book. Within the first few chapters the chase had already ended, the will they won’t they was answered very quickly…they will and they will a LOT (every other chapter pretty much)

Bennett isn’t actually that bad of a character, he has much more background and understandable actions than Chloe. He delves into the pressure of his work and the workings of his family.

The last thing I’d like to chew upon is the sex scenes. Whilst they are mostly well written they do suffer from a few myths about the female body I would have thought the two female writers would have avoided. Most women can’t be aroused or climax in an unsafe environment. Chloe seems to be able to climax anywhere anytime. Of course it’s possible that she is one of the few that can orgasm at the drop of a hat but wouldn’t it be nice if we read about a female character who had to work at it like the rest of us?


We can dream.
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