A Gathering of Shadows by V E Schwab


Published: Feburary 2016 by Titan Books

Edition: Paperback

Pages: 508

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure

Just a few months after the dramatic conclusion of A Darker Shade of Magic, Kell and Lila are starting a new adventure but not together. Kell is restless and is thrown into training for the olympics of the magical world anonymously. Lila is trying to live her dream of being a pirate but her charming captain Alucard may be more than he seems.

First of all I absolutely love the worlds of the Londons, deeply immersive and so vivid it jumps out the page. Schwab has a way of making magic feel more real than anything you’ve ever known.

Now I’m done with my gushy lovey bit about the world let’s talk about the characters. Kell, Lila and Rhy are hands down some of my favourite characters of all time. Rhy is back being the party boy prince but after the events in the previous book he is left damaged and bonded closer than ever with Kell. Kell on the other hand has withdrawn himself from his family and thrown himself into his magic. He is still moody as ever and struggling with the guilt of his brother being hurt by his actions.

Lila is my favourite character of the bunch. Quick witted and headstrong she is the ultimate wannabe pirate, thief and magical apprentice.

The main plot of this book is arranged around the Essen Tasch, a magical games event where the best magicians from around the world gather to compete and prove their worth. It just so happens that both Lila and Kell are competing in these games but not as themselves.

I have so many favourite moments from this book:

  • Lila and Kell reunited

  • Holland?!

  • Lilas outfits!

  • Unexpected OTPs


If you enjoy YA fantasy this is definitely one of the best around, I really can’t recommend it enough.

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