Built by Jay Crownover (Saints of Denver #1)


Published: January 2016 by Harper

Edition: Kindle ebook

Pages: 352

Genres: New Adult, Romance, Drama

Built is the first book in the spin off series from the Marked Men books by the author Jay Crownover. Built tells the story of Sayer, the ice maiden herself, hard nosed lawyer with no time for love. Zeb is the tough as nails builder, with a ripped body and a mysterious past he is ready and waiting for love to come his way. But can this muscular marshmallow melt the icy heart of Sayer or are her walls built too high for even him to climb?

Much like the Marked Men series it follows the similar writing style of alternate chapters told in boy/girl points of view. I’m a big fan of this particular way of writing, always keeping the story flowing and fresh.

Sayer is a particular favourite character of mine from previous books, she doesn’t fit in with the rough tattooed gang and certainly doesn’t mix with the part time builder part time caveman Zeb. She is very headstrong and has great difficulty showing her feelings or letting her guard down. If she was a male character she would be described as brooding and mysterious but often she gets lumped as ‘icy’ by other people. I say have more characters like Sayer, it was refreshing to read about a woman who wasn’t falling at the feet of the male lead within the first few chapters.

The book not only shares the chapter style with the Marked Men series but also the basic plot line. They mostly tend to follow the same basics. Hook up – something comes in between the couple – fight to get back together. Of course not al the series has been this way but you can assume if the couple aren’t together at some point in the book they will be soon. So in this way I guess you could call this book predictable (I find most romances are though) but that didn’t take away from me enjoying the book. I still wanted to know what they were going to do and how things would pan out.

There are of course cameos by your favourite Marked Men people and a glimpse at future Saints of Denver characters (uptight male lawyer with feisty red head? Hell yeah!)

If you’re a fan of the Marked Men series or New Adult romance I say check out this book, it’s everything you’d expect or could ever want!

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