Never Sometimes Always by Adi Alsaid


Published: August 2015 by Harlequin Teen

Edition: Kindle ebook

Pages: 352

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Dave and Julia are best friends and self declared outcasts of their high school. They made a promise to each other never to become the high school cliché they are surrounded by every day. They will never go for prom king or queen, never dye your hair a stupid colour or even dating your best friend. But will these promises of not submitting to cliches stop them from embracing their final year of high school?

This book is a great feel good story, two kids being outcasts and then embracing the cliches that they sworn off. It’s a perfect recipe for a contemporary young adult romance. Whilst it has all the right ingredients there is something not quite amazing about this book. The characters don’t feel very real, as if any teenagers spent the whole of highschool living out of one set of rules? I could see that working for maybe a term but years spent under that rule? Nah.

The storytelling is much like that of John Green, romanticising teen situations and romance. Of course JG does it without sounding unrealistic and detached, unfortunately I couldn’t say the same for this book.

Overall there is nothing bad about this book but nothing amazing either. It’s a quick beachy teen read with a kind of predictable plot but nice enough all the same.

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