Love is a Mixtape: A Memoir by Rob Sheffield


Published: 2007 by Piatkus Books

Edition: Paperback

Pages: 225

Genre: Memoir, Music, Non-fiction

Love is a Mixtape is the memoir from the music journalist legend Rob Sheffield. Rob takes the reader on a journey through the mixtapes that shaped his life through love, loss and everything inbetween.

Each chapter of this memoir is dedicated to a different mixtape from Rob’s life. From light hearted tapes for washing up to the series tones of grief, he ponders every subject imaginable on his mixtape journey.

Of course there is an underlying tone of sadness throughout this story as his wife had tragically passed away suddenly in 1997. He speaks in detail about meeting his wife and the many things they went through in their unfortunately short marriage. This is always at the back of your mind when you are reading his stories about them when they first fall in love, sharing songs and some of the most romantic moments I’ve ever read about. You ready yourself for tragedy but it kicks you right in the stomach when it comes, no matter how hard you try you just can’t prepare yourself for it.

The mixtapes are written at the start of each chapter and if curiosity gets the better of you it is definitely worth checking out the songs mentioned. Each mixtape features many bands from the late 80s and early 90s, tinged with grunge, punk and rock. They also feature classics and a few surprises including The Beatles and Frank Sinatra. Rob talks in detail about how to make a great mixtape, something that could of course be transferred to the modern day making of playlists.

Although I was only a child in the 90’s so many of his references to 90’s culture brought back great memories. Running to the tape recorder to record your favourite song off the radio and always missing the first few lines, it was a rough time for pirating.

This book is well worth checking out if you’re a fan of 90’s music, memoirs or anything romantic.

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