My Birthing Story (how much I is TMI?)

I’ve been debating as to whether I should even write up my birthing story, who would actually read it after all? I’m a book blogger and BookTuber, not a lifestyle blogger or a ‘mum-blog’. So I totally understand if you choose not to read this, all I ask is to be kind if it isn’t something you want to read about. It is my story of giving birth, a highly emotional and traumatic thing I went through so I’d appreciate the mutual respect. Cool? Cool.

For starters I gave birth at 38 weeks. I didn’t do anything to put myself into labour apart from drinking the occasional raspberry leaf tea in the week leading up to it and a few long walks. I started getting cramps in the early hours of the 4th of October, just like passing menstrual cramps or IBS pain, nothing I couldn’t handle. Over the course of the morning and early afternoon they got worse and worse until I rang up my birthing centre at 4pm. They told me to stay put until I was sure I was in established labour but as I live nearly an hour away from the hospital I decided to go anyway. Surely it was better to wait around at the hospital for a few hours rather than give birth on the hard shoulder of the motorway, right?

Fast forward to the hospital, I was checked over (by this point I was in a LOT of pain with every contraction) and I found out I was only 1cm dilated…not what I wanted to hear. The birthing centre would only touch me once I was 3cm dilated and in ‘full labour’ so they sent me off to have a bath. Cue the least relaxing bath of my life, half dressed in a public ward bathroom throwing up into a water jug and crying my eyes out. This wasn’t the vision of a relaxed natural birth I had imagined. After my bath I was in horrific pain, I couldn’t imagine being in more pain than that (HA!) so I begged the nurse to re-examine me but alas I had barely dilated past 2cm. They told me to go and have a meal, try to relax and let the labour advance a bit more before coming back. I could feel something wasn’t right though and insisted on being taken to the medical part of the labour ward, if only for pain killers.

In the labour ward I was put into the care of the most amazing nurse in the world, I owe her everything for giving me the strength to give birth and for listening to me. When I was passed over to her I was a crying mess, begging for pain killers and ready to give up. Hayley listened to me and bless her she bought me a few codeine before she would examine me. It was past midnight at this point and the pain killers were just starting to kick in, my partner had just gone down to the car to sleep as he’d been awake well past 24 hours. It was at this point my waters burst and I started to push…great timing right?

Let me paint a picture for you, there I am in my hospital gown legs akimbo, nurse examining me, my mum is trying to use my phone ringing my boyfriend who is presumed asleep at this point and I am screaming at his answerphone message. It was like some scene from a sitcom, a really horrific and painful sitcom. I was terrified that my boyfriend would miss the birth of his first child being asleep in my mums car, I wasn’t going to give birth again so he could be there ya know?

Luckily we did manage to get ahold of him and after much running through a mostly closed hospital he made it into the labour ward…with about 2 hours to spare. That’s right kids, you’d think the pushing part of labour would go super quick. Not for me.

After about 45 minutes of pushing in a variety of positions (ooer) it was determined I needed assistance because Louis was moving up and down the birth canal but not actually advancing. The doctors were called and decided I was to give birth using a suction cup (exactly what it sounds like, a cup that sucks the baby right out of you). They had also decided at this point I needed to be cut in two places (ouch) as I had already torn severely in one place (super ouch). Things from here on went very quickly, a few pushes and a few pulls later Louis Mark Twin arrived at 4:29am weighing 6lb12oz.

My aftercare was just as bad as the labour to be completely honest. I was sewn back up, which took nearly an hour and was pretty damn bad pain wise. I managed to breastfeed Louis straight afterwards but the rest of that journey is a story for a different time.

I was in terrible pain after my labour and had the ‘third day baby blues’ which made me cry over Wayne Rooney. Labour is only one small part of having a baby, the pregnancy, the start of labour and the recovery can be just as bad as the pushing.

Believe it or not 900 odd words later this is only the condensed version of my labour story, I could talk about this for ages but I want to keep some parts just for me and my family. I came out of this healthy and with a happy healthy baby, what else could I ask for?


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